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But Democratic presidential candidates have been jumping into the pool as of late, most of which have been fighting for cannabis reform for the past few years. Here is a quick glimpse of the candidates that have tossed their hat into the ring and where they stand on weed: Where the 2020 presidential candidates stand on marijuana - Mallinson isn't so sure. The current 2020 presidential candidates have a range of views on the issue, not all of them exactly alike. Here's where each presidential candidate stands on legalized The 2020 Presidential Candidates Stance On Weed - Mary Jane Tokes

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Like several other Democratic candidates (or all of them—except for one) who intend to legalize weed, many presidential hopefuls have wide-sweeping plans to expunge the records of those

Here's everything you need to know about the 2020 presidential candidates and With support for marijuana legalization stronger than ever before, the issue of  Here's where the 2020 presidential candidates stand on

18 Nov 2019 Former vice president Joe Biden still opposes legalizing marijuana, presidential candidate if his stance on recreational marijuana had 

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The 2016 US presidential election is still a year away, and even though the two primary candidates have probably already been chosen in a secret The 2020 Presidential Candidates will start emerging in early 2019. Jeb Bush and other candidates for the Republican presidential nomination begin to follow Senator Marco Rubio down the wonkier corridors of higher education The media has given the 2016 presidential candidates’ plans for America’s health-care system a lot of attention over the past several months. Mostly, this coverage has focused on the extent that the candidates want the government to be involved in health care, and more specifically, whether each Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), a 2020 presidential candidate, has continued to shift away from her past as a tough-on-crime prosecutor in San Francisco.

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420 In 2020: Every Democratic Presidential Candidate's 30 Jul 2019 Former Vice President Joe Biden does not support full legalization of cannabis, but rather decriminalization. Biden has been criticized for  Joe Biden Says He Won't Legalize Marijuana | 19 Nov 2019 The Democratic presidential candidate and former vice president claimed said he supported decriminalization of recreational marijuana use. Could Biden's stance on legalizing marijuana be a campaign 26 Oct 2019 Fellow U.S. senators and 2020 Democratic presidential candidates As for Vice President Joe Biden, he supports reclassifying marijuana from  Marijuana legalization support hits all-time high in new poll - Vox

Some candidates immediately expressed implicit or explicit support for the PT candidate in light of the strong showing by Bolsonaro during the first round of voting in Brazil.

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